How Effective are Dental Onlays and Inlays?

Dental onlays and inlays are different procedures and devices that dentists use to fix issues with patient’s teeth. Although they sound similar, the two procedures are completed to fix very different issues with the teeth. Both are relatively simple, though! […] Continue Reading

What Does Teeth Whitening do to Your Teeth?

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4 Options for Stained Teeth

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How the Bacteria in Plaque Can Harm Your Teeth

There is no denying that plaque, which forms naturally on your teeth, can be one of your teeth’s worst enemies. Bacteria thrive in dark, moist environments, especially where they get ample amount of sugar for their nourishment — that is […] Continue Reading

Different Kinds of Teeth and Their Functions

Most of us take our teeth for granted. It is therefore not surprising that most of us do not put too much thought into our pearly whites every day. The importance of our teeth, however, cannot be downplayed, since they […] Continue Reading

Common Dental Anesthesia: A Simple Guide

Dental anesthesia is one of the most important inventions in medicine, right up there with penicillin. It makes dental procedures pain free, rendering the dentist's job easy and eliminating the patient's anxiety. It is only fitting that we learn more […] Continue Reading

Are Silver Fillings Really Silver? Your Dental Silver Filling Questions Answered

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How to Floss Properly

Read this to learn how to floss properly and about the importance of flossing once every day as part of your oral care. #Floss #Thomas #Dental #Oral #Hygiene

Crooked Permanent Teeth? 3 Choices for Braces

Learn about the different options for straightening permanent teeth. Whether your teeth are only a little bit crooked or very crooked, there are braces available that can help straighten your teeth. #Crooked #Teeth #Permanent #Braces

Finding a Solution for Baby Teeth That Grow in Crooked

Stop wondering if your child’s baby teeth are growing correctly! It is a good idea for parents to keep a close eye on the way their child’s teeth are growing in. There are signs an experienced dentist can look for to understand whether or not the crookedness of the teeth is going to cause problems.