How A Composite Dental Filling Works

How a Composite Dental Filling Works

A composite dental filling is a great way to restore a damaged tooth.

Different Options For A Dental Implant

Different Options for a Dental Implant

For patients needing to replace missing or severely damaged teeth, a dental implant or implants paired with another oral prosthetic or piece can make for a great outcome.

How A Dental Crown Can Improve Your Smile [Cosmetic Dentistry]

How a Dental Crown Can Improve Your Smile [Cosmetic Dentistry]

Learn how a dental crown can improve your smile. Discover exactly what a crown is and how it can make your smile sparkle.

How Long Will Clear Aligner Teeth Straightening Therapy Take?

How Long Will Clear Aligner Teeth Straightening Therapy Take?

Clear aligners have proven effective for several cases of teeth straightening. Conventional braces are just as effective; however, not everyone likes the idea of wearing metal braces for years. Adults who want an effective solution but want to undergo treatment […] Continue Reading

What Is A Dental Filling Made From?

What Is a Dental Filling Made From?

A dental filling can be used to repair a broken, cracked, or decayed tooth. Fillings can also repair teeth that have been worn down from misuse. No one loves visiting the dentist, but cavity fillings are a common procedure that […] Continue Reading

Your Guide To Getting A Dental Inlay

Your Guide to Getting a Dental Inlay

For those dealing with damaged teeth or tooth decay, a dental inlay is a way to restore the structure of a tooth. As an alternative to a standard metal filling, this indirect filling is an option that looks and feels […] Continue Reading

Same Day Dentistry Visit For An Aching Tooth

Same Day Dentistry Visit for an Aching Tooth

When a tooth aches, you may have no other choice to make a same day dentistry visit to get relief. The toothache may occur as a sharp or shooting pain, intermittent pain, dull ache, throbbing pain or pain around the […] Continue Reading

What Problems Can Invisalign Address?

What Problems Can Invisalign Address?

Invisalign® is becoming more and more popular as the technology has improved greatly. Originally, Invisalign® was only designed to address crooked teeth; however, over the years, advancements have allowed it to be used to address all kinds of orthodontic problems, ranging […] Continue Reading

Can CEREC® Restore Your Smile And Oral Health At The Same Time?

Can CEREC® Restore Your Smile and Oral Health at the Same Time?

When a patient needs a dental crown to repair a damaged tooth, the CEREC® procedure can provide swift and effective treatment. Unlike traditional crowns, which take weeks to order and receive, CEREC® crowns are milled the same day in the […] Continue Reading

Does Invisalign® Fall Under Orthodontics?

Does Invisalign® Fall Under Orthodontics?

If you have crowded or crooked teeth, you might consider orthodontics to help with these issues. Braces are an obvious solution, but you might be wondering if Invisalign® is also considered orthodontics. The answer is yes, Invisalign is part of […] Continue Reading