3 Things You Should Know About CEREC Dentistry

Posted on: April 2, 2018

CEREC dentistry is favored by dentists across the land yet patients are generally unaware of this approach to dental restorations.  CEREC dental technology forms strong and reliable dental restorations such as crowns, veneers and dental implants in shockingly little time.  If you were to poll patients who have received CEREC dental restorations, you would find the vast majority are more than pleased with the results.

Here is a look at the three most important things you need to know about CEREC dentistry.

1. CEREC is Faster Than Other Dental Restoration Options

The conventional approach to crowns takes an abundance of time compared to CEREC.  Crowns are necessary to protect and beautify damaged teeth. CEREC crown technology is superior in that it provides dental restorations much quicker than the regular approach. It takes merely one appointment to create CEREC dental restorations.  You can walk into the dentist's office with flawed teeth, have CEREC dental restorations added and walk right on out of the office that same day with a completely healthy mouth. Once your CEREC crown is in place, you will smile with confidence and feel liberated to consume all the foods you love so much.

2. CEREC Dental Restorations Look and Feel Like Real Teeth

CEREC dental restorations look and feel like normal teeth.  The ceramic materials used for CEREC match the color of the teeth already in the mouth to provide eye-pleasing visual uniformity.  This approach to dental restorations is centered on three-dimensional imaging technology that matches the crown to the patient's unique gum line and bite.  Have CEREC crowns added to your mouth and you will not have to worry about any type of unsightly metal poking out of the teeth as sometimes occurs with traditional crowns.  CEREC dental restorations give you the confidence you need to be your true self when surrounded by others. You will be able to laugh, smile and talk without worrying about whether a piece of metal is distracting those you are interacting with.

3. CEREC Dentistry Produces Meaningful Results Without Inflicting Pain

Teeth with CEREC crowns are likely to be sensitive in the days following the procedure.  However, this sensitivity should not be confused with pain. The application of CEREC dental restorations will not cause you to feel discomfort. You can brush and floss your teeth that have CEREC dental restorations just like your regular teeth.

The only caveat in the context of CEREC dentistry is to avoid the consumption of chewy and sticky foods following the placement of the crown.  The dentist might also advise the use of fluoride mouthwash to ensure a full clean. If you feel any sensitivity following the placement of your CEREC dental restorations, it will help to use a sensitivity toothpaste.  

As long as you do your part by cleaning your teeth with regularity, your CEREC restorations will prove functional for years to come.  These artificial teeth are certainly susceptible to damage and decay, especially along the gum line, yet you have the power to prevent such problems by sticking to your oral healthcare routine.

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