Are CEREC® Crowns Permanent?

Posted on: August 9, 2019

CEREC crowns are a new crown technology that allows dentists to fabricate crowns in-office, making the placement process faster. Usually, when a tooth suffers severe trauma or decay, it must be protected from further damages. Dental crowns are placed over the tooth to restore its appearance and functionality. Regular dental crowns require multiple trips to the dentist; first for tooth preparation and bite impression, and another to get the permanent crown after fabrication.

Getting CEREC crowns

The process of getting a CEREC crown is similar to getting regular crowns, only it is done in the dental office during a single appointment. CEREC stands Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or simply, Ceramic REConstruction. Having a crown placement procedure done in one dental appointment minimizes pain, sensitivity, and stress patients undergo.

To fit a CEREC crown, the dentist will make accurate measurements with 3D scanning technology. The scans are transmitted to a processor that produces a model for the fully ceramic tooth, which is then forwarded to the milling and grinding machine, which fabricates the crown in the office. After production, the dentist can fix the tooth.

The benefits of CEREC crowns

When done by a professional dentist, CEREC crowns have the same durability and appearance as regular porcelain and zirconia crowns, which also makes them permanent. The ease of placement makes it the perfect choice for patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

Although fabricating and fitting the crown takes as long as regular crowns, there is no temporary crown to remove or place, which ultimately means a shorter time in the dental chair. The cost of CEREC crowns is almost the same as traditional crowns. Since the dentist does not have to order the crown from the dental lab, there are no lab fees involved. However, the dentist’s fees replace the dental lab payment, since they invested in the CEREC technology, training, and equipment.

Some people have reported that CEREC crowns are not as cosmetically pleasing as traditional ceramic crowns. The appearance of the crown is mostly based on the dentist’s expertise. This may be a concern for front row teeth, but for the back teeth, their appearance does not exactly matter since they are invisible.

Are CEREC crowns really permanent?

CEREC crowns are just as permanent as any regular crown, although they may be slightly more durable. CEREC crowns depend on the dental cement and usually have minimal discrepancies, compared to other crowns. They reduce the chances of leakages and points where recurrent decay may form. In contrast to porcelain crowns that are created in layers, CEREC crowns are fabricated from a single block of highly dense material with fewer flaws and are therefore more resistant to breakage. This resistance makes for a more permanent overall crown. 

It is hard to guarantee a lifetime of use because anything that can fracture a natural tooth will definitely fracture the CEREC crown. This means that patients must be careful of their oral health habits to get the best usage time from the crown.

Final note

CEREC crowns present an excellent form of tooth restoration, and when produced and placed by a professional dentist, patients can be sure of a durable and aesthetically pleasant restoration.

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