Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Posted on: December 13, 2019

dental implant Davis, CA

Getting a dental implant is a popular trend nowadays when it comes to replacing missing teeth. These prosthetics look just like real teeth and they also replace the root that is lost when a tooth comes out. This keeps the patient's jawbone healthy by keeping it stimulated like a real tooth's root would.

Jawbone tissue works similarly to the way muscles work. It has the same use it or lose it attribute. When a person loses a tooth and fails to get it replaced, the jawbone area that anchored the tooth in place begins to deteriorate. This can lead to alterations to the person's facial features, making them appear older.

Who needs a dental implant?

Anyone who needs to have a tooth replaced should consider getting a dental implant. There are no comparable alternatives that provide all the benefits that come with implants. Unfortunately, not all patients are good candidates for implants. Patients who might have to explore other tooth replacement options include:

  • People with health issues like diabetes
  • People with immune system disorders
  • People who consume alcohol regularly
  • Tobacco users
  • People who do not have the bone tissue needed to get implants. Some might be able to get the bone density they need for successful implant installation by getting bone grafts
  • People who grind their teeth. They can end up damaging the implant due to the habit

Any of the issues listed above do not automatically disqualify a person from getting implants. Dentists examine each patient's unique circumstances and their medical history before determining if they are good candidates for the treatment.

The benefits of getting a dental implant include:

  • The patient gets a long-term solution for their missing teeth. The rod or screw that is placed in their jawbone can last a lifetime, while the crown attached to it can last up to 20 years. Good oral hygiene allows patients to get the most out of their prosthetic
  • Implants preserve bone tissue loss. This is one of the main issues those who have lost one or more of their real teeth have to deal with and implants are the only solution – besides implant hybrids – that address that problem
  • Implants restore the function of the person's lost tooth. It also fills up the space created by the missing tooth, preventing others from becoming misaligned as they attempt to close it up
  • Implants and crowns are not susceptible to decay. However, good oral hygiene is still essential since their gums remain vulnerable to gum disease which can damage the implant
  • Implant crowns are more stain-resistant than real teeth
  • Some types of implant crowns can be installed the same day as the implant
  • Implants do not add to the patient's oral hygiene routine. There is no need for specialized cleaning, the patient simply takes care of their mouth as they always have

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