Can CEREC® Restore Your Smile and Oral Health at the Same Time?

Posted on: November 3, 2020

CEREC Dentist Davis, CA

When a patient needs a dental crown to repair a damaged tooth, the CEREC® procedure can provide swift and effective treatment. Unlike traditional crowns, which take weeks to order and receive, CEREC® crowns are milled the same day in the dentist's office. The entire procedure can be completed from start to finish in a single visit. While this approach is more convenient, it also helps patients regain a functional and beautiful smile, all while improving oral health.

Dental complications treated with same-day crowns

In general, dental crowns are used to help repair teeth that are damaged from gradual deterioration or decay, as well as sudden injuries. This type of dental work is both practical and durable. Because CEREC® crowns are ready the same day, patients can enjoy a speedier treatment process and recovery.


When a patient experiences a sudden, forceful impact in or around the mouth, even healthy teeth can suffer harm. If a tooth becomes chipped, cracked, or broken as a result, a crown can be used to save the healthy remnants. This is an excellent option for patients if the majority of the tooth and root remain healthy and intact. As a result, more invasive treatment procedures may be avoided.


Typically, dental caries are treated with fillings to eliminate pain and stop the spread of decay. However, if cavities continue to worsen over time, the tooth can start to deteriorate, leading to pain and weakening of the overall structure. Sometimes, patients may experience severe decay and deterioration from poor oral hygiene and long gaps between dental checkups. Fortunately, same-day crowns can repair these issues to prevent tooth loss and other complications.

The cosmetic function of CEREC® dental crowns

In some situations, damage to teeth is minimal and function is not compromised. However, the results can still be unsightly and even embarrassing for patients. In these instances, a same-day crown may be an appropriate treatment option. The natural, pleasant appearance of the porcelain material helps restore a smile and a patient's confidence along with it.

Other cosmetic dental issues can also be treated with CEREC® crowns. These include:

  • Teeth of an irregular shape or size
  • Severe staining that does not respond to professional whitening treatments
  • Unwanted gaps between teeth

Tooth problems such as these can sometimes be treated with other methods as well. A dentist needs to evaluate and uncover the true source of the problem to determine whether a dental crown is the right choice.


CEREC® same-day dental crowns are a convenient option for many patients. Even though the product is created in just a few hours, the results are still durable and effective in treating damage and decay.  In addition, the high-quality porcelain composition helps create a natural-looking appearance for a more appealing smile. Whether a patient is in need of dental restoration or a cosmetic repair, CEREC® dental crowns offer a quick and long-lasting solution.

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