Can Dental Implants Treat Cosmetic Dentistry Problems?

Posted on: June 15, 2020

cosmetic dentistry Davis, CA

The use of cosmetic dentistry has helped patients everywhere feel good about their appearance. If damaged or unappealing teeth are embarrassing you, speak to your dentist about your treatment options. For some people, dental implants are a viable solution to repairing flaws and covering oral abnormalities. Implants are not only useful for health reasons; they can improve the way you look.

Common issues that cosmetic dentistry addresses

Everyone would like a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, many people deal with problems that hinder their smile. With some issues, people’s failure to keep up on dental hygiene is the culprit. In other cases, an accident or injury could be to blame.

Broken, chipped or cracked teeth are among the most frequent reasons why people go to cosmetic dentistry. These conditions can be painful and ruin a smile. People with discolored or stained teeth may seek ways to whiten them. For other patients, misaligned or misshapen teeth can hamper their appearance. Other issues include abnormally large or small teeth.

How implants work

Getting dental implants is a comprehensive, involved process. It involves at least three separate procedures over several months. The dentist must first explain the process to the patient. The patient will learn about the benefits and challenges of the treatment. Next, a series of X-rays and impressions are taken and made. At this time, the dentist may extract affected teeth.

At another appointment, the dentist numbs the patient and makes an incision in the gums. After drilling into the jaw, the dentist inserts screw-like titanium posts into the bone. Over about six months, the bone fuses to the post, and the gums heal. The patient returns to the office so the dentist can attach an abutment to the posts. After more healing time, the patient comes back, and the dentist places natural-looking artificial teeth on the abutments.

Replacing damaged teeth

There are different cosmetic dentistry solutions for broken or cracked teeth. Some patients may choose to get a crown or bridge. However, implants are an option, especially if the patient has one affected tooth or a few teeth that need attention. By pulling the damaged tooth and replacing it with an implant, the dentist can give the patient a new smile.

Replacing other dysfunctional teeth

Many people prefer teeth-whitening treatments to remove stains. Implants can serve this purpose too. Implants can be an alternative for people with misaligned or misshapen teeth. If there is healthy bone growth in the jaw to support the implants, this could be a reason to go to a cosmetic dentistry office.

Talk it over with the dentist

Dental implants are not ordinarily the top choice for all cosmetic dentistry issues. This treatment works well for people who have missing teeth. However, implants can replace teeth that have other problems as well. The important thing to do is to talk to your dentist and find out what makes the most sense for your needs. Your dentist will talk about all the possible ways to address your concerns. If you feel good about moving forward with implants, schedule an appointment with your dentist.

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