Can Front Teeth Have a Root Canal?

Posted on: August 11, 2019

Most people automatically connect a root canal to a back tooth. While that is common, a dentist can perform this same procedure on a front tooth as well. The primary reason that back teeth are the most involved is that people use them to chew. They are also a little more challenging to brush and floss. As a result, these teeth experience more decay and damage compared to those in the front.

A root canal for all teeth

If someone begins to have pain, especially when biting down or drinking/eating something hot or cold, it could mean they have a cavity. If caught early, a dentist can simply fill it. However, when decay becomes severe, more than likely that individual would need a root canal. Dental professionals use this same procedure for badly cracked or chipped teeth. Just as this is an option for the back teeth, a dentist can perform it on the front ones too.

Why is the canal cleaned?

A big part of the root canal process is having the pump and any debris cleaned out. To accomplish this, a dentist or endodontist drills a small hole in the tooth after numbing the patient’s mouth. That way, the individual does not have any pain during the process. Next, the dental professional uses the appropriate tool to remove the diseased or dead pulp tissue.

With that complete, the next step of a root canal involves reshaping and decontaminating the now hollow space. For this, the dental professional uses extremely small files and irrigation tools. Next, a rubber-like material goes into the hole. On top of that, the dentist applies adhesive cement. This is what completely seals the canal.

To crown or not

Typically, the dental professional adds a crown on top of the tooth that just had the root canal. This is important since that tooth is not quite as strong as it was before. Without a crown, the patient could damage the tooth much easier. Ultimately, the crown is what provides the person’s natural tooth with the protection it needs. That way, it will look and perform normally.

Is a root canal painful?

Whether having a root canal done on a back tooth or one in the front, the patient does not experience any pain during the procedure. As mentioned, the dentist ensures the mouth is completely numb before starting. Even with the treatment done, most people have very little, if any, discomfort. Even so, it is important for them to follow the dental professional’s aftercare advice.

Is this procedure really necessary?

In a lot of patients, it is. Once the pulp inside of the tooth becomes diseased or injured, there is no way for it to self-heal. Eventually, the tissue dies. If an individual has a cracked tooth, loose filling or deep cavity, bacteria can seep inside. Not only does that destroy the pulp, but it also puts the patient at risk for developing an infection.

Take care of your teeth

A root canal is highly successful. That combined with not feeling any pain during the procedure, there is nothing to fear. As soon as you begin to notice a problem, you should contact your dentist. Depending on the issue and its severity, your dentist may refer you to an endodontist. Regardless, the goal is to save your permanent tooth, which is what a root canal does.

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