How A Dental Crown Can Improve Your Smile [Cosmetic Dentistry]

How a Dental Crown Can Improve Your Smile [Cosmetic Dentistry]

Learn how a dental crown can improve your smile. Discover exactly what a crown is and how it can make your smile sparkle.

Questions To Ask Your Dentist Before Getting A Ceramic Crown

Questions to Ask Your Dentist Before Getting a Ceramic Crown

If you are considering getting a ceramic crown, it is likely you have a few questions before getting started on your journey toward better teeth. Crowns are one of the most trusted and proven methods of tooth restoration in modern […] Continue Reading

Can You Replace A Dental Crown On An Implant?

Can You Replace a Dental Crown on an Implant?

If you have a dental implant, you might be wondering about the dental crown attached to it. Dental implants are a great solution for missing tooth roots and the crowns are an important part to achieving the smile that you […] Continue Reading

Are Dental Caps Painful?

Are Dental Caps Painful?

If your dentist has suggested dental caps or if you have done some research on your own, you are likely wondering if they are painful.  Ask those who have received one or several dental caps about the experience and they […] Continue Reading

The Many Benefits Of Wearing A Dental Crown

The Many Benefits of Wearing a Dental Crown

In our cosmetic dentist office, we use dental crowns to solve a variety of oral health issues. Whether you are looking to correct a damaged tooth or to improve the appearance of your teeth, dental crowns can do so in […] Continue Reading

Repair And Enhance Your Smile

Repair And Enhance Your Smile

Fill gaps from missing teeth and regain a smile at our office. You will have a full functioning smile once again. Dental Crowns and Dental BridgesWe provide dental crowns for patients that have damaged their tooth or had a root […] Continue Reading

Why You Should Replace Your Amalgam Dental Crowns

Why You Should Replace Your Amalgam Dental Crowns

Once you receive amalgam dental crowns, you may think you have to live with the unappealing color and unnatural appearance of those crowns. There is no reason to worry since you can replace an amalgam dental crown, also known as […] Continue Reading