Are Dental Caps Painful?

Posted on: February 28, 2018

Dental capsIf your dentist has suggested dental caps or if you have done some research on your own, you are likely wondering if they are painful.  Ask those who have received one or several dental caps about the experience and they will testify it was not as uncomfortable as expected.  Here is a closer look at the basics of dental caps and what is done to prevent patient pain.

Dental crown basics

Dental Cap Basics

For the most part, the procedures required to place a dental cap do not prove to be uncomfortable.  The patient is provided with a local anesthesia to prevent pain.  Furthermore, water in combination with high-speed dental instruments prepares the teeth for placing the temporary crown.

Once the permanent dental cap is ready, it is not absolutely necessary to apply anymore local anesthetic.  After removing the temporary cap, the dentist will then fit and cement the permanent dental cap in place.  All in all, the placement of a dental cap requires a couple visits

Ensuring Patient Comfort During and After the Dental Cap Procedure

The dentist will go to great lengths to ensure your comfort when placing the dental cap.  He or she will numb the tooth in question.  The dentist will use a topical anesthetic on the gums prior to the application of the local anesthetic.  This might cause a slight pinching sensation.

The anesthetic empowers the dentist to work on the tooth in question without causing pain. Once the procedure is complete and the anesthetic has worn away, the tooth might prove sensitive to cold or hot temperatures for upwards of a month or so.

The gums around the tooth in question and the areas where the anesthetic was provided might also feel sore. It will help to rinse out your mouth with some warm water mixed with salt.  You can also minimize pain by taking ibuprofen, Tylenol or another pain reliever you would take if you had a headache.

Additional Concerns Pertaining to Possible Pain During the Dental Cap Procedure

Placing a dental cap requires several steps, some of which have the potential to lead to discomfort.  As an example, it might be necessary to perform a root canal before the dental cap can be put in place.  There might be pain involved in the dental cap procedure unless an anesthetic or pain medication is used.

It is also possible for pain to occur as the dentist builds the cap’s foundation.  The dentist might have to file the tooth to prep it for the cap’s placement.  This oral health expert will also take impressions to create a model for the crown and place the temporary and permanent crown.  Each of these steps has the potential to cause some discomfort.

Do not hesitate to discuss the possibility of pain with your dentist so you can decide on the best ways to settle down and control pain during your dental cap procedure.  With that said, the vast majority of patients experience minimal or no pain during a dental cap procedure.

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