Denture Repair in Davis

Posted on: September 17, 2019

If you have dentures, you know you may need denture repair anytime. When damage happens, it should be taken care of as soon as possible. Not all damage happens at convenient times, however. Fortunately, there are convenient repair services offered at many dentist’s offices. Some may even offer same-day repairs, depending on the scope of your denture damage.

What to do when dentures are damaged

Even the most careful person may end up dropping their dentures or cracking a tooth. When accidents happen, it is important not to panic and to remember there are services available to help. Next, wearers should gather up any broken pieces if there are any. The more pieces a wearer can take to a dentist for repair, the better likelihood there is for a successful repair. Once all the pieces are gathered, it is time to contact a dentist’s office. A general dentist will examine the damage and determine whether a denture repair is possible.

Oftentimes repairs can be completed in the comfort of a dentist’s office or dental lab and do not take much time to complete. However, if the damage is too extensive, a denture wearer may have to be fitted for a new denture. Regardless if a repair or replacement is needed, a wearer will have to sit through an adjustment or two to ensure the repaired or replaced dentures fit properly.

Denture repairs

A general dentist can evaluate whether a denture needs repaired or replaced by examining any damage done to the denture. In many cases, a dentist will recommend a denture repair if the damage to a denture is minor. Minor types of damage may include chipped or cracked denture bases, broken teeth and damaged clasps or wiring. Relining dentures is also another minor repair that can be done in a dentist’s office. The need for denture relining arises as a person’s mouth or facial structure changes over time, affecting the way their dentures fit. Relines help dentures fit properly and prevent the need for premature replacements.

Denture replacements

When damage to a denture is extensive and cannot be repaired with a quick trip to a dentist’s office, they may have to be replaced altogether. Typically, dentists recommend replacing dentures when there are many problems with a denture. Repairs may not be possible if the dentures have multiple cracks or if a base is cracked in half. Additionally, if a wearer’s facial structure has changed due to loss of jawbone, the dentures may no longer fit well, even with a reline or adjustment. This is where a total denture replacement comes in. When dentures can no longer be repaired, dentists will order a new denture to help protect the oral health of a denture wearer.

Schedule a denture repair today

If your dentures are beginning to feel loose or you recently dropped them and cracked a tooth, you will need a denture repair. When denture damage happens, you need to ensure the problem is repaired or replaced as soon as possible. This will help you protect your oral health. If you are unsure where to get started, schedule a consultation with a dentist today.

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