Do CEREC® Dental Crowns Look Natural?

Posted on: August 5, 2020


One of the questions people often have when considering CEREC® crowns is how natural these restorations look. The point of getting an oral restoration is often to improve the appearance of a tooth, so it is not surprising most people want crowns that look natural in their mouths.

CEREC® crowns are made from ceramics and ceramic crowns are known to provide the best aesthetics over other types of crowns like metal, composite resin or metal-fused-to-porcelain crowns. Ceramic crowns also feel natural in the patient's mouth since ceramic has a similar texture to real teeth.

How CEREC® crowns look and feel

CEREC® crowns are made to a high level of precision. This reduces the quantity of enamel the dentist has to remove when preparing a patient's tooth for the crown. The result of removing less enamel is an oral restoration that feels just like a real tooth.

Impressions are used to make conventional crowns and the process can take up to two weeks. These impressions are far from perfect and that can lead to inconsistencies, like the impression not being thick enough in certain areas. Issues like these force the technician making the tooth to do a little guesswork regarding how the patient's tooth looks. This can lead to the crown fitting poorly or not having the same curves and contours that the patient's real teeth have.

The process is completely different when it comes to CEREC® crowns. Instead of a mold being used to make an impression, the dentist uses digital images and computer-aided design to create a three dimensional model of the patient's tooth. The patient waits in the treatment chair while the dentist designs their restoration, so the dentist can compare the patient's tooth to the model as many times as needed to fine-tune the design of the crown. This leads to increased accuracy in the creation of the crown, making CEREC® crowns look more natural than conventional crowns.

The crown's color

Traditional crowns are color-matched with the patient's real teeth and the same goes for CEREC® crowns. Dentists use a color chart to match the patient's teeth with a block of ceramic of similar shade. An experienced CEREC® dentist can color match the restoration with the patient's teeth as well as a dental technician can in a lab.

The natural fit

As was mentioned earlier, CEREC® crowns require the removal of less enamel from the tooth being treated, giving them a more natural fit. This allows the patient to continue eating and talking as they did before getting their crown. It is prudent to avoid sticky foods as much as possible when wearing any type of crown since it can lead to the restoration becoming loose or falling out. Hard foods should also be avoided when wearing crowns.

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