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Posted on: October 7, 2021

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Tooth loss is a major dental problem that every dental practice helps to tackle. One of the most popular methods that bring back one’s smile is getting dentures. A person’s appearance and dental health can transform dramatically with these dental appliances. Getting dentures is a technical and elaborate process. To avoid surprises at the dentist’s office, here are some of the steps to expect.


This is a vital step in getting good-fitting dentures. It involves an extensive dental assessment of the dental practice to establish baseline information about the patient’s teeth. Along with this is a brief evaluation of medical history. The dental practice usually explains the different types of dentures available for the patient. Partial, flexible partial, full, and implant dentures are usually the choices that come up. Dentists usually suggest dentures based on the patients’ dental needs.


Once a thorough dental evaluation finishes, the dental practice usually explains the necessary dental treatments before the dentures come in. If the remaining teeth need fillings, a root canal, or extractions, patients must have them the soonest possible. For any dental surgery, the gums should heal first. The swelling must go down before the process can move forward.


When the patient’s mouth is ready for the first fitting, the dental practice must explain the steps as they happen. Patients usually get more comfortable when they know what is happening or going to happen. Dentists use special bite molds to confirm the bite alignment. These molds also make sure that the dentures will fit well. Once the shape and color of the dentures are final, the dentist sets the dental impression in wax.

First fitting

As the patient heals from tooth extractions or a dental implant procedure, the dentist can start preparing the permanent dentures. After tooth extractions, the patient can wear immediate dentures for six to eight weeks to preserve the integrity of the jawbone. A dental implant procedure needs about four to six months to heal completely. Once the patient heals, the permanent dentures can go in.


Patients usually find wearing dentures strange for the first day or two. Dentures feel bulky and heavy. Even so, patients should start practicing how to speak, eat, and drink with their new dentures. It does not take long to adjust at all. Changing one’s oral care habits and diet is crucial in living with new dentures.

Follow-up visits

It may take weeks before patients feel comfortable with their dentures. While still adjusting, patients should not skip their follow-up checkups. In two months, a patient with new dentures should complete five appointments. With these dental checks, the dental practice will make sure that the dentures fit properly.

You can get dentures from your dental practice while maintaining optimal dental health

Dentures are popular dental solutions to tooth loss. They come in several types that can fit every dental need. You can talk to your dental practice about which type suits you most. If you need additional dental treatments in preparation for your dentures, you should heal properly first. Only then would you continue to get your dentures. Once you have fully adjusted to your new dentures, you can look forward to a better quality of life.

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