Happy 100th Dr. Hildebrand!

Posted on: June 6, 2018

This is Dr. Hildebrand. He has been a patient at our office for 25 years and is turning 100 this month:

Dr Milton Hildebrand was born on June 15, 1918 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,and married his wife, Viola in 1943.

He received his AB, University of California, Berkeley, 1940; Master of Arts, University of California, Berkeley, 1948; Doctor of Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley, 1951. He then went to UC Davis to teach vertebrate morphology, embryology, and human sexuality. Hildebrand was known for his studies of tetrapod gaits and bone/muscle systems. In an article in the American Zoology Journal, he was called the “Architect of the Rebirth of Vertebrate” (AMER. ZOOL., 29:191-194 (1989)). Dr. Hildebrand was a lecturer, University of California, Davis, 1948-1952; assistant professor, University of California, Davis, 1952-1956;associate professor, University of California, Davis, 1956-1962; professor, University of California, Davis, 1962-1986;professor emeritus, University of California, Davis, since 1986. Mammalogist expedition to Central America, University of California, Berkeley, 1941-1942.

Dr. Hildebrand is seen here celebrating at Dr. Thomas’ office, Thomas Dental Care where he has been a patient since 1994 when Dr. Thomas started and even before that with Dr. Kincaid since 1973. Dr. Thomas is helping Dr. Hildebrand celebrate his 100th birthday by giving him complimentary exams and cleanings “forever”. Thomas Dental Care is celebrating 25 years in Davis and is so happy to share this wonderful man and his birthday!

Happy 100th Dr. Hildebrand!!

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