How a Dental Crown Can Improve Your Smile [Cosmetic Dentistry]

Posted on: February 1, 2021

Dental Crowns And Dental Bridges Davis, CA

A dental crown is one of the most common restorative dental procedures. A crown strengthens a tooth by replacing weakened or diseased enamel. These are commonly made of porcelain or metal. Sometimes, crowns are used for cosmetic reasons as well as restorative ones. Because of its versatility, the restoration continues to be a popular one among both dentists and patients. Those who want to change the size, shape, length or color of a tooth can consider a dental crown.

Smile improvements offered by dental crowns

There are a number of ways that crowns are used in cosmetic dentistry. In some cases, it replaces the need for lengthy orthodontic treatment or continual teeth whitening procedures. For front teeth that have cavities or large tooth-colored fillings, crowns can be used to restore them in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Straighter teeth

While orthodontics is the traditional way to straighten teeth, dental crowns can be used in some situations. This is a faster treatment option and can sometimes even be done in the same day. The dentist can remove tooth structure in such a way that the permanent crowns will fit together in a straight pattern. 

Whiter teeth

Many patients are interested in teeth whitening, and some will spend years doing new treatments and touch-up ones. For patients who do not like the shade of their teeth or who are tired of trying to remove stubborn stain, crowns can be an option. 

The patient can choose any shade for the final product and will not have to worry about bleaching teeth anymore. It is important to know, though, that crowns cannot be whitened, so the patient should choose the shade wisely and approve it before it is cemented into place.

Healthier teeth

It is hard to place a filling in a front tooth that will stay long-term. Fillings on front teeth tend to get stained around the margins, too. These stains are not easily removed, and if several front teeth have fillings or large cavities, crowns might be an option worth pursuing. This will increase the patient's chances of keeping these teeth for a lifetime.

A tooth is weakened every time it is drilled into, meaning that teeth with multiple fillings have suffered some damage. Weak teeth that are not crowned can eventually break or fracture. It is harder to restore a tooth that is missing a lot of structure, so it is ideal to crown these teeth before they break. Patients also get the added benefit of having teeth that look nicer and are stronger. 


A dental crown is a popular restorative option for many reasons, and its use in cosmetic dentistry should not be overlooked. For those wanting to change the alignment or shade of the teeth, this may be an option not previously considered. For patients with dental decay, this can help restore teeth back to health while still changing the appearance of the overall smile.

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