How Effective are Dental Onlays and Inlays?

Posted on: December 16, 2018

Dental onlays and inlays are different procedures and devices that dentists use to fix issues with patient’s teeth. Although they sound similar, the two procedures are completed to fix very different issues with the teeth. Both are relatively simple, though!

What is the differences between dental onlays and inlays?

Dental inlays

A dental inlay is similar and works to fix the same thing that a filling would for a cavity. Although, with the progression of a cavity it can get to the point that a filling would not be adequate enough to fix the issue. However, it may not warrant having the tooth removed.

In these cases, a dental inlay will be constructed. After taking a mold of the tooth, the mold is sent to a lab to be constructed and sent back to be fastened to the patient's tooth. After it has been installed, the tooth will work like normal and keep the structure of the original tooth, an important aspect in dentistry.

Dental onlays

An onlay is used to fix a tooth that has a damaged tip, cusp, or biting surface. Because they can be molded and constructed to fit each person's tooth individually, no matter what the issue is there can be a resolution. Although some people think it will require having the tooth removed, this is not the case in the least.

Dental onlays are fully personalized and made for each patient individually.

When should someone get an onlay or inlay?

Of course, the best thing someone can do for their teeth and gums is to have a good daily oral health routine. This would include brushing twice per day and flossing. Using mouthwash either once or twice per day is also very beneficial.

No matter what the issue, it may be best for someone to get a onlay or inlay to help fix an issue. These issues can vary but typically are the following:

  • A tooth is broken, cracked or fractured causing issues and pain.
  • A tooth is in need of a filling, but the area is too large and having a filling could weaken the tooth more.
  • The tooth is damaged, but it is not damaged enough that the only option is to have the tooth removed.

Have more questions about dental onlays and inlays?

Needing to get a onlay or inlay to fix an issue with a person’s tooth or multiple teeth can seem overwhelming. However, with recent technological advances in dentistry it is now easier than ever, and pain-free!

If you have more questions about getting a dental onlay or inlay that were not answered here, feel free to contact our office. Our trained staff is always ready to answer any questions and help in guiding you to make the best decision for your teeth and oral health.

Contact us today and let us help you get the smile you want, with healthy teeth and gums!

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