How Long Do Same Day Crowns Last?

Posted on: December 6, 2021

Same Day Crown Davis, CA

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth or dental implant. A same day crown is a type of crown that can be placed in one visit. These types of crowns are made from durable materials that can last five to 15 years with appropriate care.

Getting same day crowns

Crowns can be manufactured from a variety of materials, including resin, metal, porcelain, and ceramic. Same day crowns are usually manufactured from a strong ceramic material, using computer-assisted technology. 

The same-day procedure

Traditional crowns are manufactured in a lab and usually take about two weeks to complete. In contrast, a same day crown can be completed in the dentist's office on the same day as the patient's initial visit. The dentist uses computer-aided design and manufacturing equipment to take digital images of the patient's tooth and jaw. These images are used to design and create the crown on the spot.

Factors that affect durability

Patients may be concerned that a same day crown, which is manufactured on-site rather than in a lab, may not be as durable as a traditional crown. Several factors play a role in how long these or any crowns last:

  • Bonding technique used
  • Quality of the materials
  • The dentist's experience with same day crown technology
  • Correct placement of the crown

Tips for extending the life of same day crowns

The main cause of dental crown failure is decay in the underlying tooth. Taking steps to avoid tooth decay reduces the chance of early failure of the crown. Patients are advised to maintain a consistent oral hygiene routine and have regular dental checkups. Additionally, patients should eat a healthy diet, avoid consuming sticky or hard foods, and limit consumption of sugary food and drink. Eating ice, grinding the teeth, or using the teeth as tools can loosen crowns, so it is advisable to avoid these behaviors. Patients who grind their teeth at night may need to wear a night guard.

Benefits of same day crowns

With traditional crowns, the dentist may place a temporary crown while waiting for the lab to manufacture the permanent crown. These temporary crowns are more limited in function as well as appearance. Same day crowns can restore the function of the teeth as soon as the procedure is done, eliminating the need for patients to change activities to avoid dislodging a temporary crown while they wait for permanent crowns to be made.

There is less risk of injury or tooth decay with a same day crown because there is no temporary crown that may come loose or fit improperly. As well, there is no need for a second dental visit to have the permanent crown placed, which can save time and money. 


A same day crown procedure can last as long as many types of traditional dental crowns. Patients can extend the life of their crowns by following their dentist's oral hygiene and aftercare instructions and maintaining good oral health.

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