How Long Will Clear Aligner Teeth Straightening Therapy Take?

Posted on: January 11, 2021

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Clear aligners have proven effective for several cases of teeth straightening. Conventional braces are just as effective; however, not everyone likes the idea of wearing metal braces for years. Adults who want an effective solution but want to undergo treatment discreetly could opt for clear aligners. Clear aligner trays are transparent and hard to notice. Patients looking to straighten their teeth often have many questions, including how long it takes aligners to straighten the teeth.

The treatment duration

Generally speaking, the entire process takes six to 24 months, but it is generally done in 12 months, depending on the complexity. Severe alignment challenges take more time to fix, while minor misalignments can be corrected quickly. Some people record changes within the first two or three months of use.

For instance, cases like mild crowding can take as little as six months. Gaps can take as little as eight weeks. However, gaps may reoccur if the patient does not utilize effective retention methods. The timing is affected by the severity of the case and the patient's biological makeup.

Individual differences

People are built differently and their teeth may respond differently to different treatments. There are claims that clear aligners therapy takes a long time to work in teenagers, but this may be attributed to compliance issues. Also, for adolescents whose jaw and mouth are still developing, the teeth might move more easily than in adults, whose oral structures are fully formed and more rigid.

From start to finish

Compared to traditional braces that take an average of 24 months to reach full effects, the effects of clear aligners can be noticeable in half that time. One constant is the need to wear the trays for 22 hours each day, however. Failure to comply has a potential negative impact on results. 

The good news is that results, no matter how minimal, can be noticed in a few weeks with clear aligners. Unlike metal braces, where the patient has to wear a fixed device, clear aligners involve a series of aligners that can be worn in a pre-planned sequence. Each aligner moves the teeth by a few millimeters. Gradually, the patient will get used to the sequence as treatment progresses.

In conclusion

Adhering to instructions is the best way to achieve results and possibly shorten your treatment. If you have to wear aligners for at least 22 hours, understand that each hour contributes to the straightening effect. To optimize your results, take adequate care of your aligners by keeping them clean. Be sure to change them on the right date.

Remember, the best way to ensure eligibility is by talking to a general dentist. Clear aligners are not nearly as intrusive as traditional braces, and each tray takes you closer to achieving a straight smile.

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