We Are Improving Patient Care Using These Dental Technology Offerings

Posted on: July 15, 2017

DentalOur dental technology offerings can help improve the level of care available to our patients. We understand that technology has the power to improve dental care, making the process of receiving dental care easier and more comfortable. It can also make it possible for us to achieve things that other dentists cannot. Whether this applies to keeping teeth and gums healthy or completing dental restorations, the technology we use in our clinic improves the quality of care we offer patients; and the results are incredible.

Why we use improved technology

Much of what we use in our clinic is designed to help us see better. By being able to see what is happening between teeth, with the roots and bone, we can make more informed treatment decisions. This can improve the accuracy of procedures and ensure that the problem is solved appropriately. We then use laser technology to treat oral health problems more quickly, efficiently and with increased comfort.

As an added benefit, our technology uses up to 80 percent less radiation than traditional X-rays, so there are health benefits that extend beyond improvements to oral health.

Here are some of our dental technology offerings:

#1. Digital and infrared imagery

We use digital and infrared imagery to look in between the teeth and analyze the health and strength of the bone. We can also see the roots and nerves of the teeth to determine if any infections exist, in addition to looking for tumors or cysts; important in detecting oral cancer. Since this technology allows us to see beyond what is clear in a physical examination, we can detect problems that other dentists might miss.

#2. Digital scans for restorations

Using digital scans, we can create and place dental restorations that are accurate to the micron. This is an incredible step forward in ensuring that restorations look natural and fit perfectly. We can even create some dental restorations in our clinic.

#3. Three-dimensional imaging

After an accident or injury, it may be necessary to have a three-dimensional view of the tooth or jaw. This allows us to determine the best way to restore the area and also helps when planning for the placement of dental implants. Other benefits of 3D imaging are that we can examine the jaw and teeth for problems like TMJ or cracks. Orthodontists may also use our imaging results when planning for orthodontic care involving the movement of the teeth and jaw.

#4. Laser treatment

Laser dentistry has revolutionized the way that we treat oral health problems. Lasers do not put pressure on the teeth or gums, vibrate or produce too much heat or noise. This makes them far more comfortable than the dental drill. Also more accurate. As a result, patients who have a treatment using laser dentistry are going to have less downtime and may not even need medication to numb the area we are working on.

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When looking for a dentist with modern dental technology offerings, call our clinic. We are constantly looking for ways to leverage technology for the betterment of our patients and invite you to experience the full impact by becoming one.

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