Invisalign Treatment for Crowded Teeth in Davis

Invisalign Treatment for Crowded Teeth

“Crowded teeth” refers to teeth misalignment caused by a small jaw or
large teeth that don’t fit the jaw. As a result, your teeth are
overlapped or twisted. They may be pushed upward or downwards as

Patients who have crowded teeth have different treatment options to
choose from depending on their condition. Invisalign, for example, is
one treatment option. Invisalign provides clear aligners that are worn
on crowded teeth to push the teeth back in position slowly over

If you have crowded teeth, common symptoms include:

  • Changed facial appearance (such as the appearance of

  • Biting or chewing problems

  • Biting your tongue or inner cheeks

  • Difficulty in speaking

What problems can crowded teeth cause?

The most common problems with crowded teeth include:

Poor oral hygiene – If you have crowded
teeth, you can’t brush and floss easily. Food gets trapped between teeth
and soon your teeth develop cavities.

Difficulty in eating and speaking – Crowded
teeth affect your chewing and speaking abilities. Depending on whether
crowding is mild or severe, eating and speaking may be enormously

Lack of confidence – How do you smile in
front of people if you are self-conscious about your crowded teeth?

Invisalign Treatment for Crowded Teeth

Invisalign is a brand name for clear aligners that are worn over your
teeth to straighten them.

Invisalign works by delivering a force that moves teeth slowly over

To create your aligners, your Invisalign dentist makes 3D images of
your teeth and studies them to understand your problem.

An Invisalign iTero scanner predicts the design of your aligner sets
from the start to the end of your treatment.

You will be required to wear your aligners daily for about 20 to 22
hours for the duration of your treatment, approximately 1 year.

The transformation of your crowded teeth by Invisalign is

Get Invisalign for crowded teeth

Crowded teeth shouldn’t stop you from living a normal life. Whether
your problem is inherited or started during early childhood, we can help
you correct it. Speak to an Invisalign dentist today.