Invisalign Treatment for Crowded Teeth in Davis

Invisalign Treatment for Crowded Teeth

“Crowded teeth” refers to a condition of insufficient space for teeth
to grow into and thereby causing mild or severe overlapping. Crowded
teeth can also be referred to as dental crowding.

Invisalign treatment for crowded teeth helps you align your teeth
back into their proper positions.

You may have inherited a small jaw from your parents. Other causes of
teeth crowding include:

  • Consistent use of pacifiers and other oral objects in early

  • Repetitive habits in childhood like thumb sucking.

  • Extensive use of feeding bottles in early childhood

  • Over-retained baby teeth

  • Early loss of baby teeth

  • Injuries or trauma that misaligned the jaw

  • Periodontal disease

  • Excessive pressure on teeth and gums

Invisalign treatment offers aligner sets that can be worn to correct
crowded teeth. Sometimes some teeth need to be extracted before wearing
aligners. In cases of extreme crowdedness, traditional metal braces may
also be used.

What problems can crowded teeth cause?

The most common problems with crowded teeth include:

Poor oral hygiene – Crowded teeth can make
regular brushing and flossing very difficult and this exposes you to
tooth decay.

Difficulty in eating and speaking – Crowded
teeth affect your chewing and speaking abilities. You may have
difficulty biting food as well.

Lack of confidence – Crowded teeth make you

What to Expect with Invisalign Treatment for Crowded

Invisalign treatment is gradual. A patient wears custom-made clear
aligners that deliver a predictable amount of force that shifts teeth to
the desired look.

Invisalign aligners follow the precision of your teeth with each set
changing your alignment slightly.

An iTero scanner helps your Invisalign dentist create images of your
treatment plan.

You are required to wear your aligners daily for 20 to 22 hours.

The treatment plan runs for approximately 1 year but it can be longer
or shorter depending on the severity of the crowdedness.

Why Invisalign for crowded teeth?

The benefits you get when you choose Invisalign treatment for crowded
teeth include:

  • You can wear the aligners discreetly because they are clear and
    nearly invisible.

  • You can wear the aligners and continue your daily

  • The aligners are removable and can be taken out during

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