Receive CEREC Crowns In One Appointment

Posted on: January 16, 2018

CERECCEREC® crowns have become quite popular in recent years as they restore teeth in surprisingly little time. A CEREC® crown will guard against subsequent infections absorbs the impact of biting and chewing and improves tooth aesthetics. The best part is that we can place this crown to your teeth in a single day. We can design, make and place CEREC® crowns in one visit our office.

There is no sense waiting for the dental crown

If a patient chooses a traditional crown, he or she will end up waiting several days or even weeks for technicians who work in a dental laboratory to make the custom crown. The patient’s oral health will be in jeopardy during this waiting period. There is no sense waiting for a crown when patients can have a CEREC® crown in one day.

CEREC® technology is as efficient as it gets

CEREC® technology is in the dentist’s office as opposed to a distant dental laboratory. This means every aspect of crown placement can be performed in a single session. The CEREC® crown process starts off with a digital recording of the crown measurements. The tooth is then prepared so there is enough space to accommodate the crown.

A thin band of reflective powder is added to the tooth. The dentist uses a three-dimensional imaging camera to photograph the tooth. CEREC® software allows for a rapid and accurate design the crown for the unique tooth. Once we take the measurements, we will design the restoration. The dentist’s milling machine is put into action to form a crown with ceramic.

The dentist will place the crown the very same day, so the compromised tooth does not remain vulnerable. We then bond the restoration to the tooth with cutting-edge adhesive dentistry. The ceramic tooth looks and functions just like a normal tooth yet the patient will no longer feel any pain or feel self-conscious about the appearance of the tooth.

Do not worry about a potentially lengthy wait for a CEREC® crown

If you need a crown on your tooth, ask about CEREC® crowns. You will likely receive quite the enthusiastic response about this amazing dental technology. It will take about an hour and a half to design, create and place your CEREC® crown.You will not have to spend the entire day at the dentist’s office. In fact, you will spend about 45 minutes of your CEREC® visit relaxing. You can use your smartphone, read a magazine or take a nap during this time.

The work necessary to make a CEREC® crown is similar to that for a traditional crown. However, instead of waiting upwards of three weeks for your crown, you will have it in two hours or less. There is no need to schedule a second appointment. It does not get any more convenient than that. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about dealing with a sensitive or painful tooth across the next couple of weeks as would be necessary if you opted for a traditional crown.

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