Same Day Dentistry Visit for an Aching Tooth

Posted on: December 2, 2020

Same Day Dentistry Davis, CA

When a tooth aches, you may have no other choice to make a same day dentistry visit to get relief. The toothache may occur as a sharp or shooting pain, intermittent pain, dull ache, throbbing pain or pain around the jaw or sinus cavity. Also, the ache may occur continuously or start when eating, biting or chewing. A dental appointment can help to trace the origin of the problem and provide significant relief.

Causes of Toothache

A tooth may hurt for several reasons, but the most common are tooth decay, gum disease or an infection like tooth abscess. Inflammation of the tooth pulp, the innermost layer of the tooth causes severe pain since the pulp consists of sensitive nerves and blood vessels. Tooth damages like breakage, fractures, broken fillings or crowns and severe teeth grinding can cause constant or intermittent tooth pain. Other factors that do not affect the tooth pulp but may cause pain include the formation of ulcer along the gums, sore gums during tooth eruption, oral cancer, sinus inflammation and jaw injuries.

A nagging toothache can disrupt daily routines and normal activities like eating or drinking may aggravate the condition, especially hot or cold items. The pain may intensify at nighttime and disrupt sleep. Once the pain starts, patients need to seek dental care immediately by making a same day dentistry visit to the dentist as quickly as possible.

Treatment for aching tooth

If the pain continues for more than a day or two, the dentist needs to check the affected tooth. The earlier, the better, since leaving the tooth untreated may cause a mild toothache to worsen to a more severe infection. This may cause decay of the pulp to the point of a severe infection.

When a patient makes a same day dentistry visit, the dentist will perform a full exam of the oral cavity and surrounding structures. They will ask questions to determine the cause of the issue before creating a treatment plan.

Most times, the dentist will only clean a cavity, fill and seal the tooth. The pain should stop after filling the tooth. If a previous filling is loose or broken, the filling will be replaced. If bacteria have found their way into the tooth pulp and infection has spread, root canal therapy and antibiotics may be necessary to stop the infection.

First aid before the visit

A decayed tooth or abscessed tooth will not heal without adequate treatment. Before getting to the dentist, patients can try at-home solutions such as over-the-counter pain relievers such as Advil or Tylenol, saltwater rinses, cold compresses, numbing gels, clove oil or peppermint bags applied over the affected tooth.

Final note

You need to know that at-home remedies are only temporary and will not resolve the underlying issue causing the tooth pain. When you go for same day dentistry visits, the dental professional will diagnosis and treat the cause of the pain. If the pain is accompanied by facial or throat swelling, fever, lumps or lesions, it could be an indication of a severe infection or health condition that requires urgent treatment.

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