Signs of a Healthy Dental Bite

Posted on: July 2, 2018

Your dental bite might be off and you might not even know it. Plenty of dentists refer their patients to orthodontists after finding a flawed bite. The sad truth is that plenty of people have unhealthy bites yet have no idea anything is wrong. Visit with your dentist every six months, and you will be able to know if your bite is healthy or if something is wrong.

The dentist will examine your teeth from multiple angles to determine if a healthy dental bite

If a patient is uncertain as to whether their dental bite is healthy, the best course of action is to meet with a dentist. The dentist will analyze the bite from multiple viewpoints. The edges of the upper front teeth should align with the top of the lower lip. If the upper teeth are excessively long, an abundance of gum tissue will be visible when smiling. If the upper teeth are too short, they will not display enough enamel when smiling but appear toothless and aged well ahead of time.

When the teeth are closed against each other, nearly one-half or two-thirds of the bottom teeth should be visible. If too much of the bottom teeth are covered by the upper incisors, that is a deep bite. Furthermore, if the upper teeth fail to overlap with the lower ones, that is an open bite.

The best possible bite is comprised of an upper arch that is a bit wider than the lower arch. An overly-narrow or overly-wide upper arch will lead to a crossover of the teeth. This condition is referred to as a crossbite.

The positioning of the midlines is also of the utmost importance. Midlines are the lines between central incisors. Upper midlines must align with the middle portion of the upper lip. Furthermore, the top midline should line up just right with the lower midline.

Why is the front view so important for evaluating dental bites?

Dentists typically analyze bites from numerous angles. The view from the front is especially important, as it provides the dentist, as well as the self-analyzing patient, with an idea as to where the teeth should be located between the lips. This point of view will reveal if the teeth are excessively long, short or the perfect length. The front view will also show if the teeth are properly aligned with a curve that parallels the bottom lip.

Additional signs of a healthy bite

Take a close look at the top portion of the bottom row of teeth. If the teeth are aligned when analyzed from this point of view and flow in an arch-like manner, that indicates a healthy dental bite. Furthermore, the teeth should touch one another without spacing or overlapping. If the upper arch is properly aligned without overlapping or spacing, the bite is at least partially healthy.

Clues from the side

A view from the side will also help reveal whether one’s dental bite is healthy. Unfortunately, it is difficult for a patient to perform a self-analysis of their bite with a view from the side. The pointed ends, or cusps, of the teeth must fit just right between the bottom teeth. The back portion of the upper front teeth should gently rest against the front portion of the lower teeth. The upper teeth should be in front of the lower teeth when the bite is closed. However, the edges of the upper teeth should not bite beneath the lower incisors or onto the edges.

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