The Pros and Cons of Getting Dental Veneers

Posted on: September 1, 2021

Dental Veneers And Dental Laminates Davis, CA

Many dentists consider dental veneers to be the best way to improve the appearance of a patient’s smile by correcting damaged, stained, or uneven front teeth. There are, however, some notable potential disadvantages of dental veneers that should be taken into consideration as well. 

The benefits of dental veneers

The primary reasons patients choose dental veneers are to achieve an attractive smile by addressing teeth stains, repairing and protecting damaged teeth (e.g., chips, cracks, etc.), lengthening short teeth, and fixing mild misalignments. They also provide superior durability when compared with bonding and other alternative solutions. 

An improved smile

Dental veneers are primarily a cosmetic procedure, although they can also improve the function of teeth and protect the health of damaged teeth as well. Due to the natural appearance of dental veneers, the ability to improve the patient’s smile by fixing a variety of concerns is the number one benefit. 

Increased confidence

Of course, showing off a brighter and more attractive smile naturally gives many patients more daily confidence. This allows patients to feel better in various aspects of life, including relationships, in a workplace setting, and simply while out in public or in a social setting. 

Long-term results

Dental veneers are made primarily of durable porcelain material. While not as strong as a metal alloy, the porcelain can last for many years (and often more than a decade) before it needs to be repaired or replaced. 

Potential drawbacks of dental veneers

Some patients may pause at the idea of dental veneers since they are a permanent (and irreversible) solution and cost more than alternative options. They are also not ideal for teeth used primarily for chewing (i.e., molars). 

Intended to be a permanent solution

The dental veneers process involves removing a small amount of natural enamel to allow for the proper fit and feel of the dental veneers. Since the tooth is altered, the veneers are intended as a long-term and even permanent solution that cannot ideally be reversed. 

Cost more on average than alternative solutions

Dental veneers are not as expensive as many anticipate initially, but they do cost more on average than dental bonding and dental crowns, which are two alternative solutions that dentists may recommend. It is also much more costly than professional teeth whitening for patients who are addressing teeth stains.

They are not as strong as metal-based restorations

For teeth that are severely damaged or teeth that are under a lot of pressure from chewing throughout the day, dental veneers may not be an ideal solution. Instead, a metal-based restoration such as a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown or metal alloy crown may be more appropriate for less visible teeth in the back of the mouth. 

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