Three Methods for Denture Repair

Posted on: August 15, 2021

Denture Adjustments And Repairs Davis, CA

Denture repair is a fact of life for anyone who wears artificial teeth. The journey to comfortable dentures starts with a steep learning curve as the wearer gets the hang of their new prosthetics. The person also learns to care for their dentures and protect them from damage. These valiant efforts do not always work because accidents happen, and the fit of dentures changes with time. If denture repair is in the cards for you, it is a good idea to learn how dentists restore the shape and fit of dentures.

Denture repair: the anatomy of a set of dentures

This short refresher covers the different components that go into a set of dentures. It also gives a general idea of the types of issues that are likely to occur with dentures. Dentures have three main components:

  • A base
  • Framework or support
  • Artificial crowns

Most dentures have an acrylic base where the visible part of the base looks like the gums. With complete dentures, the false gums extend to form a support structure that covers the roof or floor of the mouth. The base of partial dentures will include a frame that latches onto the teeth on either side of the gap.

Artificial teeth make up the final and most visible component of dentures. They mimic the color, shape, and function of natural teeth. These false teeth are attached to the false acrylic gums of the dentures. Each of these components can sustain damage or wear. It takes different repair methods to restore each part.

1. Relining

Denture relining is the process of adjusting the inner surface of the artificial gums. This type of repair becomes necessary as the gums and dental arch undergo the inevitable changes that come with tooth loss. Relining improves the fit of a set of dentures, making them more comfortable and more functional.

2. Rebasing

This is the total replacement of the acrylic base on a set of dentures. A professional will perform this type of repair on dentures that break because of an accident or wear. Rebasing improves the fit of dentures while adding a few years to their life.

3. Crown replacement

The artificial teeth on dentures can break or fall out because of wear or an accidental fall. Improper care of dentures can also change the color and shape of individual teeth. A dentist will easily replace one or more individual teeth. They will often have the tools or facilities to perform the repair in their office.

Get denture repair

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