What Is a Dental Implant Restoration?

Posted on: May 2, 2018

Thanks to advancement and technology in the dental industry, people are living longer and healthier.  Teeth literally are what keep us alive. After all, we need to eat to live. Having properly working teeth is essential to our lives and well-being.    

If you are having problems with your implants than dental implant restoration is an option.  It is imperative that you solve this issue immediately. You should never try to solve this problem by yourself, otherwise, you may wind up damaging your dental implants.

In the past, people did not have the knowledge to take care of their teeth as good as we do now, hence why the mortality rate was higher than it is today.

A dental implant restoration consists of restoring and making an artificial tooth that connects to an already in place dental implant.  This procedure can be done with one tooth or several teeth, depending on your individualistic need.

Dental Implant Restoration Is As Good As Your Original Set Of Teeth

Here are the basics laid out, first, a dental implant needs to be implanted via surgery, thereafter it will take the gums around three months to properly heal, as the gum tissue needs to recover.

After the implant is in your mouth, which is inserted through punctured holes the dentist makes in your gum tissue; an abutment is then screwed into the top of the dental implants.  The artificial tooth is then built on the abutment, which is likely a metal cylinder.

Once this process is complete, your cosmetic dentist then places the dental implant restoration onto the tooth.

Whether you need multiple teeth or a single tooth, the outcome is the same when it comes to dental implant restoration—your teeth will be natural looking. You will need to take care of your dental implants the same way you care for your normal teeth.

Improve Your Confidence

Dental implant restoration will surely improve your confidence.  Of course, this process is much costlier than other procedures, but it lasts quite long and feels entirely real—you will feel as if your teeth are your original set.

We highly recommend dental implant restoration if you prefer to have a bright white smile that is easy to take care of. You will have to brush your teeth twice a day and floss once, at a minimum.

Smile Big

Having a smile that you love is important to living a life full of healthiness and happiness. If you can afford this procedure and route, we highly recommend that you look into dental implant restoration as this restores your previous implant and ensures your teeth always look as immaculate as they should.  

No longer be self-conscious to smile big.  Learn more about dental implant restoration and improve the way you look today.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Thomas Dental Care, request an appointment in our Davis dental office here: https://www.thomasdentalcare.com. Or call us at (530) 486-1104.

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