What Your Teeth Say about You

Posted on: March 16, 2018

TeethIt is easy to forget how much people assume about you solely from the way your teeth look. Your teeth convey sociability and happiness when you while, but they also say a lot about your social status and the type of person you are.

Prioritize Proper Oral Hygiene

Think of your teeth as your social business card. They portray how healthy you are, how well you take care of yourself, and your social status. People tend to associate perfect smiles with financially well-off people and celebrities, while people with stained or otherwise disfigured teeth are seen as lower class or dysfunctional.

After all, if taking care of your teeth is not a priority for you, then other things like taking care of your health or finances might not be a priority either. A simple glance at any popular movie proves this truth. The star of the movie typically has pearly white teeth, while the villain and social outcasts tend to have stained and dirty teeth. Teeth also reveal important information about you like your gender and age.

For example, young people have central incisors with rounded corners, but it squares as you age. Also, women have lateral incisors with rounded ends that are shorter than their central incisors, while men have lateral incisors that are longer than their central incisors and squared at their ends. Some people have even gone as far as to say that the shape of canines is a reflection of personality.

Avoid Bad Dental Habits that Damage Teeth

Your teeth also tell a story about some of your bad habits like grinding your teeth or having a sweet tooth. For example, teeth grinding is typically a symptom of anger, anxiety, or stress. It can also be an indicator that you have a competitive or aggressive personality. Stress-increasing habits like smoking, consuming alcohol, or ingesting caffeinated products tend to intensify your condition.

If left unchecked, teeth grinding can lead to more serious complications like TMJ disorders, persistent headaches, hearing loss, jaw pain, tooth loss, and tooth fractures. The color of your teeth plays a significant role when it comes to how attractive you are to others. As we mentioned above, pearly-white teeth make you appear young, successful, and healthy, while discolored teeth have the opposite effect.

Keep a Healthy Diet

If you are serious about keeping your teeth white, you need to avoid foods and beverages with strong coloring agents like red wine, coffee, candy, and berries. Use a straw if you can’t resist the urge to enjoy these beverages and rinse your mouth with water afterward.

The high cost of dental procedures is a strong reflection of how important white, straight, healthy teeth are nowadays. Fortunately, if you take proper care of your teeth and visit your dentist twice a year, you will be able to address most issues before expensive procedures are needed.

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