When You Should Choose Denture Repair vs. Replacement

Posted on: September 14, 2020

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If you have dentures, you might be wondering if you should have denture repair or replacement. It is often hard to decide if the investment is worth it. The answer will be different for each patient. There are a few questions you should ask yourself when deciding the answer to this question.

When dentures need attention

There are several ways of telling when dentures might need to be repaired. Ignoring small issues can lead to larger issues. It can lead to painful mouth cuts and sores. The dentist can check the bones and mouth to look for any issues. The dentist can decide if a replacement or simple adjustment will be helpful. There are several signs that dentures need to be looked at:

  • Stains
  • Gum bleeding or swelling
  • Mouth sores
  • Gum soreness
  • Facial structure change

Consider the age of the dentures

This is one of the main questions when deciding on the options. For instance, if the teeth are a decade or older, it might be a good idea to replace them. But if the teeth are only a few years old, a repair might be a good option. In this case, the dentures still have a lot of life left.

The extent of the damage

If only one of the teeth has broken off or there is just a chip, a repair might work well. But if the teeth have shattered, a repair may not be possible. In this case, a replacement will be needed. The patient should also consider why the dentures were damaged.

For instance, if it was because of an accident like dropping them, then a denture repair is possible. But if the teeth never fit correctly, then a replacement might be a better option. However, if there is a poor fit, patients will also want to consider denture repair options. This includes rebasing and relining to improve the fit.

The cost of the procedure

Patients should consider their budgets when making this decision. While a repair can be less expensive initially, replacing the teeth might pay off in the long run. New dentures can last longer as long as the teeth are of high quality and fit well. But new teeth might not be in the budget, and a repair can work very well.

Happiness with the teeth

One of the most important determinations for replacing the teeth is whether the patient is happy with them. If the teeth are not comfortable, then repairing might not be the right option. Similarly, if the teeth were hard to eat with, a new set might be better suited to the patient. The dentures should allow the patient to lead a happy life, not get in the way.

Choose denture repair or replacement today

If your false teeth are damaged, you should set up an appointment with the dentist to evaluate the denture. Your dentist can help you think about the advantages of each option. Your individual circumstances will determine which option is right for you. Setting up an appointment quickly is the key to making the decision.

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