Who Is a Good Candidate for Clear Aligners?

Posted on: May 1, 2021

Clear Aligners Davis, CA

Clear aligners are plastic replicas of a person’s teeth. Wearing aligners helps put gentle pressure on the teeth, which helps to reposition them. Aligners are commonly used not only to move teeth but also to align the jaws. You should consider getting them if you want to improve your smile.

Clear aligners

Aligners are clear trays that are made to fit the teeth. These appliances are removable. A patient is required to put them in and take them out. Because aligners can be removed for cleaning, this makes it possible for a person to brush and floss more easily. Aligners can also be taken out before eating or for short periods for either work or social situations. However, patients should always wear them as prescribed.

One of the main reasons people choose them is because these appliances are nearly invisible. It is often very hard for other people to tell if a person is wearing them. This basically allows a person to inconspicuously achieve a beautiful and straight smile. Tooth-colored attachments are occasionally placed on the teeth to help guide them into place. Aligners are designed to minimize their appearance to better fit any lifestyle. Patients are usually given sets of clear aligners that are designed to move the teeth, which is achieved using constant, gentle pressure.

People who should get clear aligners

Clear aligners are not suitable for everyone. A good way for a person to determine if this treatment option is ideal is to consult an orthodontist or dentist. These oral health care providers are usually familiar with the different types of devices used to move teeth and align jaws. This makes them suited to determine if aligners are right for any patient. The decision may be made based on the treatment goals and lifestyle needs of a patient.

Since clear aligners are custom-built for the right fit, these appliances are good for teens and adults. Straightening the teeth of children is often more complicated. Young individuals, and their mouths, are still growing and developing. A doctor has to consider this when setting up treatment.

Clear aligners are usually used by patients who have minor spacing issues or mild or moderately crowded teeth. But for some problems, more complex treatment may be needed. This applies to patients who have severe spacing or crowding problems. The aligners are also not ideal for people with severe overbites, underbites or crossbites.


Clear aligners can give patients a great smile. Aligners are custom-made mouthpieces that slip over a person’s teeth. There may be some initial discomfort when an individual switches to a new set of clear aligners. But the discomfort can be managed easily. Removing aligners because the appliances are not comfortable is not recommended.

Aligners can only work if they are in your mouth. Your dentist can help you decide the right treatment option for you. You should always choose an oral health care provider who has experience treating patients with aligners. This will increase your chances of achieving the desired results.

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