Who May Need Teeth Whitening?

Posted on: April 15, 2020

teeth whitening Davis, CA

Those who are looking to improve their smile may look into teeth whitening. The process lightens the color of the teeth, helping transform them from a yellowish tint to a brighter white. This can be done by removing the stains that have occurred over time and bleaching the teeth white. Here are some things to know about teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening 

Few adults have perfectly white teeth. There are a few factors that help determine who this treatment might be right for.

Who can benefit from teeth whitening? 

Teeth tend to yellow as part of the natural aging process. While proper oral care can help slow this down, yellow teeth are not necessarily a sign that teeth are unhealthy. However, many people find white teeth more attractive and so want to improve the color of their own.

There are certain foods and drinks that can accelerate the yellowing process. Those who drink a lot of coffee, soda, wine or tea may notice the teeth getting stained more quickly. Smokers and tobacco users are also likely to notice yellower teeth. 

Some people may have yellow teeth from a traumatic injury. This happens most often before the age of eight. Certain childhood illnesses and diseases can cause teeth discoloration. Since children start losing teeth around the age of six, this can impact adult teeth. A tooth injury as an adult can cause it as well. 

How to keep teeth white

There are several ways to help keep teeth white and prevent discoloration.

Practice good oral hygiene 

One of the most important things is to practice good oral hygiene. Not only can this help keep teeth white, it is good for overall oral health. Brushing teeth with a whitening toothpaste can help slowly remove stains and maintain a white smile after teeth whitening treatments. According to WebMD, whitening toothpastes should only be used about once a week. Otherwise, stick to a regular fluoride toothpaste that removes bacteria and gets the teeth clean. Brush thoroughly for two minutes at least twice a day. Flossing every night will help remove additional food debris from the teeth. 

Limit drinks that can stain the teeth

Avoiding drinks that can stain teeth can help prevent them from turning yellow again. For those who like to drink dark-colored beverages, using a straw can help prevent the drink from coming into contact with the teeth. Consider brushing the teeth or rinsing the mouth out after drinking any of these beverages. This can prevent prolonged contact with the teeth. 

Consider touch-up treatments

After the original teeth whitening treatments, touch-up treatments can be helpful for helping maintain the white color. Doing this annually or semi-annually can get rid of the yellow that starts to build up again. 


Teeth whitening can help many people achieve a white smile. Whether the teeth are yellow due to aging or staining on the teeth from food or drink, getting your teeth whitened can help brighten your smile.

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